First Time Traveller

Information for the first time traveller on what they need to do to book business travel.

A customised form can be developed for the user to complete online and submit to their manager for a once off approval. Once the manager has approved for the user to be set up in the system, details of the traveller can be electronically submitted to the travel manager so traveller details can be entered into their systems.

Information entered by the user will be stored into the Portal database so it can be used by other applications within the Portal including hotel booker.

Form Example:

    Title (select the correct option):
    Surname (as per your passport):
    First Name (as per your passport):
    Business Phone Number (include area code):
    Mobile Phone Number:
    Home Phone Number (include area code):
    Email Address:
    Qantas Membership Number:
    Virgin Blue Membership Number:
    Credit Card Type:
    Credit Card Number:
    Credit Card Expiry Date:
    Select Approver