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High technology has done us one great service: It has retaught us the delight of performing simple and primordial tasks

All too often our clients must make critical business decisions about existing software assets without a sufficient understanding of that software. Perhaps the software was part of a corporate acquisition and the parent company's internal staff is too busy to look at it carefully.

Perhaps there are widely differing internal opinions on the overall health and future potential of existing software and an impartial external opinion is needed. Perhaps your internal staff does not have the knowledge to rate the software with respect to best industry practices for similar systems.

A Symphony software assessment can help you make rational strategic decisions about your software assets.

Is the software suitable for use in future products?

Would there be a significant ROI from cleaning up the software?

Should the software be replaced?

Can portions of the existing software be salvaged or reused?

Software assessment engagements will typically include some or all of the following:

  • Software architecture evaluation
  • Static analysis of the source code
  • Analysis of customer-reported defects
  • Analysis of programmer productivity
  • Quality of the software documentation - both end-user documentation and internal software documentation
  • Assessment of the source control, and the build and test approaches
  • Assessment of development and maintenance practices
  • Adequacy of release testing and overall software quality practices
  • Technical competitive assessment - how it compares to competitors' software from the perspective of ease of use, features, ease of installation or integration, etc.
  • ROI based comparison of developing new software from scratch or migrating existing software to a new platform and/or a better architecture

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