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High technology has done us one great service: It has retaught us the delight of performing simple and primordial tasks

SWAN Comm to its core is a Communications Gateway Server and is the answer to many networking requirements. All rolled onto a Pentium class PC, SWAN Comm is designed to take the network load off your LAN and reduce the time you actually spend on the Internet, without compromising on the Speed of your Internet connection.

SWAN Comm works with all major operating systems, and is adaptable to future messaging standards.

SWAN Comm is the perfect migration tool allowing your company to change e-mail systems or run co-existing systems seamlessly. SWAN Comm as a Communication Gateway Server facilitates Networking and is an integrated Suite, which enables secure mailing, bandwidth controlled and efficient Internet access and interfaces with multiple modes of connectivity.

SWAN Comm allows multiple users on the network to access the Internet using a single Internet Service Provider (ISP) account, reducing connection costs considerably. Each user accesses the Internet as if they were directly connected, but with the security features of an inbuilt firewall to prevent unwarranted entry from the Internet back into the local network. SWAN Comm also supports almost any connection method to the Internet and other TCP/IP networks, Extranets between offices, customers and suppliers.

The primary advantages of SWAN Comm are:

Reduced Costs
SWAN Comm customers reported significant reductions in capital outlays for both the initial infrastructure and the ongoing costs for information technology (IT) staff, hardware, software, training and support.

Symphony Software estimates that by using SWAN Comm, Symphony customers will achieve an average return of approximately 21% over a two-year period, a conservative figure that would have been much higher if a number of other factors were incorporated into the base calculations.

Higher Quality
SWAN Comm services resulted in higher performance and more robust solutions than any other solution provider.

Improved Flexibility
Symphony delivered solutions on demand, allowing its customers to scale systems dynamically in response to changing market trends and to expand into global markets with greater ease.

Enhanced Security
All businesses recognize that robust security measures must be in place that authenticate identity, verify integrity, ensure privacy and authorize access.

Minimize Risks
The automation that SWAN Comm employs is the key to higher quality, which in turn reduces downtime risks and enables rapid scaling.

Dynamic Scalability
SWAN Comm’s ability to scale on demand.


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