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High technology has done us one great service: It has retaught us the delight of performing simple and primordial tasks

SWAN is a revolutionary solution for Organizations using the Internet Services to utilize their resources efficiently. SWAN is one of our forefront Linux product aimed at the Corporate market, as an economical and quality solution towards many of Corporate requirements.

Key features include:

  • Effective Bandwidth Control and monitoring
  • Smart Caching Mechanism.
  • Extensive and Secure Server Control.
  • Detail User-friendly, Web based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for SWAN Administration.
  • Detailed Log reports.
  • Highly reliable Server based Authentication Module. (No Client Software Installation needed).
  • Can be upgraded easily with add-ons like Mail server, Mp3 streaming server etc.
  • Free Telephonic and Remote support.

Effective Bandwidth Control and Monitoring:

Crucial need of Corporate’s to have control over bandwidth allocation; SWAN is built upon tight algorithms for bandwidth control. Irrespective of any Application software like DAP, Download accelerator etc, the bandwidth consumed remains in the allocated realms. The GUI enables very precise allocation in KBits/sec.

Monitoring is very dynamic with time lag of 2 seconds. Also Incorporated are the MRTG graphs which show day-to-day, weekly, monthly and yearly Bandwidth usage statistics.

Intelligent Caching Mechanism:

In order to decrease Time Latency and bandwidth consumption, one of the most effective caching mechanism forms the backbone. Caching algorithm intelligently enables repetitive page request to be served from the SWAN server itself rather than from the web. Optimal performance has been achieved (40% cache hit) directly influencing 40% reduction in bandwidth consumption and faster browsing.

Comprehensive Server Control:

Included are console based Access Terminals to cater to specify the server parameters like IP addresses, DNS servers etc. Bandwidth monitoring can be done up-to a 2-second resolution. Server shutdown/start, browsing shutdown, Data backup/Recovery etc are also facilitated for. The console can be accessed over the Internet /Intranet over a secure shell.

SWAN Administration:

Although being based entirely on cryptic Linux, SWAN allows administration through a very user friendly and attractive Graphical User Interface. This includes all relevant facilities to control / Monitor Users. Bandwidth distribution is based on pools and configurable per user basis. Search Engine encompasses easy access to relevant user information.

Detail Logs provide access based on bandwidth consumed, Site accessed Internet Time usage etc. Information is based on user ids or machine IP’s. Graphical presentation of bandwidth used, Users online etc are available. Policy per user basis can be provided. This includes Time based or Download based policies.

Authentication Module:

SWAN features a highly reliable authentication module. Being server based, it overcomes problems associated with client software installations. Only Settings at client end required are the gateway and DNS settings.

Functionally it even doesn’t allow ping for logged off users. Users can be Activated/Deactivated based on Internet Policy or administrative requirements.


With the wide Array of other Server software’s available, the same server could be upgraded to additionally function as a Mail server, Ftp Server, MP3 server, etc.

This would be done without interference to existing SWAN setup.

Feature Overview:

  • Allots Bandwidth Per User.
  • Restricts User On Time & Byte Download Basis.
  • List And Perform Search for User/S.
  • Display Online Active Users.
  • Activate/ Deactivate Users.
  • Generate Detail Logs for Users.
  • Track And Bind Mac Address Of Users.
  • Store Log Reports for Specific Period.
  • Remote Access for Administration.
  • Total Bandwidth Monitoring (Uplink and Downlink).
  • Authentication through Server Application or through Client exe.
  • Additional Console Based Server Administration.
  • Internet Usage Reports.
  • Intelligent Caching.
  • Bandwidth Sharing Within Pool
  • Individual Messaging and Mass Messaging.
  • Authentication Enable /Disable per User and Per Pool.
  • Bandwidth Clubbing. (As an add-on module)
  • Enable / Disable Mail Relay Per Network And Per User.
  • Real IP Support
  • Easy Back Up and Restore Facility for Administrators.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Graphical Analysis Of The Bandwidth Received
  • Acts As An SMTP Relay Server.
  • Bandwidth control based on Users, IP Addresses and Mac addresses.
  • Time /Day wise Content Filtering per user.
  • Blocking of Web sites through DANS Guardian.



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