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High technology has done us one great service: It has retaught us the delight of performing simple and primordial tasks

Symphony's Business Process Management combines workflow, middleware, and content management to eliminate waste and increase your organization's productivity. Our BPM consulting services are built upon proven methodologies that include process design, assessment of business and technology requirements, business and technology integration, and measurement design.

Business Process Management (BPM) has become one of the most important enterprise software market segments as evidenced by recent industry analyst reports, as well as a growing number of companies claiming to offer BPM software. Like the rush by a broad range of software vendors to re-brand their products as ‘CRM solutions’ when the acronym first came on the scene, the same has quickly occurred with BPM and, as was the case with CRM, the products offered by the vendors vary dramatically in capability and functionality. For this reason we have prepared this overview to describe what Symphony defines to be BPM and to show how Symphony’s product offerings are superior to other vendors’ overlapping product offerings.

What is a Business Process Management platform?
First let’s define the core element, a business process. A business process is an aggregation of operations performed by people and software systems containing the information used in the process, along with the applicable business rules.

Execution of Business Processes
The execution of a business process achieves a business objective. The people and systems may be inside the boundaries of a company, but often times are in multiple enterprises needing to collaborate to achieve their business objectives. These processes also include business rules that may be documented policies and procedures, as well as the undocumented ‘how we really do things’ rules that exist in most enterprises.

A comprehensive Business Process Management platform provides an organization with the ability to collectively define their business processes, deploy those processes as applications accessible via the Web that are integrated with their existing software systems, and then provide managers with the visibility to monitor, analyze, control and improve the execution of those processes in real time. To be a comprehensive BPM platform a system must not only automate processes, it must:

  • Integrate with existing operational systems such as ERP and databases
  • Integrate business processes with those of a company’s suppliers and partners
  • Incorporate the business rules that guide a business
  • Provide managers with the visibility into those automated processes to monitor operations in real time
  • Offer managers the ability to deal with exceptions when they occur by changing business rules or entire processes to respond to business conditions in real time

Business Process Intelligence
By using productivity data gathered from the application of business process management, along with data-warehousing technology, executives are able to gain business intelligence ranging from overall key performance indicators to discrete process execution metrics through business process intelligence. We provide extensive and flexible reporting capabilities to facilitate our clients' decision making.

Business Activity Monitoring / Business Performance Monitoring
We help clients automatically monitor the business-related activity that affects their enterprise. Business activity monitoring provides process-level information, such as employee productivity from the human point of view, thereby enabling organizations to spot problems early enough to head them off and to maximize the benefits of successful activities.

Our clients use Business Process management to build a performance accountable organization in which individuals at all levels of the organization work together toward the same objectives. Business Process Monitoring provides process-level information, such as the time required for a system to perform a given operation from the systems perspective.

Business Process Rules
Our clients use Business Process Rules (BPR) to incorporate their unique decision making control points into their Business Process Management solution. Using BPR based technologies ensure that corporate policies are followed each and every time the exact same way.


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