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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution;

The recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the right candidate profiles to arranging and conducting multi stage interviews. At each stage of this process careful consideration is given to the client’s requirements and we encourage client feedback and input.

Profile specification and job description
Based on the project requirement, we first conduct a feasibility study. We then assess various factors like skill levels required, availability of local manpower, infrastructure requirements, financial outlays and other related issues. Based on these factors, feedback provided by Symphony, and on approval, Phase II is set in motion.

Recruitment Process

Identification of Prospective Candidates

• From Existing Employee pool of people who can be made available for this project.
• Candidate References Applications
• Received for Job
• Job Boards
• Job Postings
• External recruitment company
The initial round of screening the candidates is done by our HR team , based on the skill set requirements as identified in the project plan. Candidates are identified from various job postings , online job portals , advertisements , existing database of resumes, employee referrals and if required by utilising an external recruitment company.

Candidate Profiling & Assessment

• Skill Sets & Degree of Difficulty
• Experience Level
• Candidate Expectation
A telephonic interview is conducted initially to screen the candidates. The candidates are short listed depending on their skill sets, work experience, expectations. The initial list of such candidates is sent to Symphony for approval.

Candidate Selection & Shortlisting Procedure.

• Psychometric Test, Functional Domain & Skill Assessment Personal Interview
• Short listing - Final List and forwarding Candidate details to the Client.
• Arranging Video/Telephone interview by the client of short listed candidates. Alternatively if
the client opts to visit us, a second level face to face interview with candidates is arranged.
• Decision Making based on Client’s Input. If unapproved, we repeat the entire above process
iterating it for all the open vacancies.
• If selected by the Client, references of each candidate are checked.
• Making the Offer Based on client’s feedback, the candidates are called for a personal interview by our HR team. Based on these personal interviews, the second list of the candidates issent to the client. On receiving inputs from the client, video conferencing with the selected candidates is arranged for the client.
On approval, an employment offer with Symphony India is made to the selected candidates.

Induction & Training

• Signing the Employment Agreement which includes the confidentiality Agreement.
• Assigning the Candidate to the Project/Process
• Training as required.
Once the formalities are completed, we start with the training program for the employees. Training is either conducted in house, or at the client’s premises as required.
Once the training program concludes, we commence with getting the project live.


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